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Getting Your Part 107

As a creative individual, I am always looking at how I can push the boundaries.

One of my latest boundaries that I wanted to push and pursue, was to create those large cinematic aerials, that have that WOW factor.  These large, establishing shots, help clients tell the story, whether that story is of the brand, a specific product, or an individual.

How I did it.

To do this, I needed a drone.  So, I bought a DJI Mavic Pro 2, then registered it per the FAA and started pursuing my part 107, this gave me the training and certification to fly an unmanned aircraft system, non-recreationally.

There are a lot resources on the internet that you can use and a lot of schools available online. I chose to see if I could do it using the FREE resources from YouTube and Google.

One is Tony and Chelsea Northrup’s “Free Drone Certification Study Guide: FAA Part 107 sUAS Test.” 

This worked great, but the best advice that I received for the drone test was to get a book called Remote Pilot 2020 Test Prep from ASA. This book had everything I needed, it also came with online test prep, where I could practice taking the test multiple times, so that when I shelled out $150 for the actual test, I would be confident I would be able to pass so I would not have to pay $150 a second time.

Just when I thought I was done with tests when I finished college, another test. Regardless, I took the test and passed it with flying colors (aerial pun intended), and I was officially a PILOT, of an unmanned aircraft.

With a Part 107 Certification in hand, I set off to create some EPIC content for our clients and myself. Here are some of my favorites…

Not only are drones great for video, but the image sensor in drones today are good enough to take high-quality photos.

If you are looking for aerial photography/ videography or are just looking for advice on drones in general feel free to reach out. We would love to help you elevate your content.

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