3 Google Ad Certifications Completed

Adding Google Ads Search Professional to my resume.

Late in 2023, Google launched a pilot program in which they would offer 3 professional certification exams intended to display the highest level of proficiency and mastery across their advertising platforms above their traditional certifications. These exams were timed and proctored by Google specialists via webcam and Google Chrome honor lock browser guard alongside an increased difficulty in the exam itself.

The program gives marketers and advertisers one more feather in their cap as they work with potential clients and companies who can trust that they are putting their business needs into the hands of someone who has proven to have superior knowledge and understanding of Google’s digital landscape and how to navigate and execute marketing strategies within them to help brands thrive.

As the marketing world transitions into a digital-first mindset and consumers continue to trend online it is integral that advertisers have been prepared properly and presented with all the tools necessary to adjust to ever-changing goals and targets.

For me personally, any opportunity to learn and grow in my skillset is an opportunity I don’t want to waste and I feel like I owe it to our clients to be as adept as possible in all facets of digital marketing and advertising so they can have confidence in us and what we do for them.

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