The Meaning of Providence

As all sportsmen know, hunting and fishing offer the opportunity for deep spiritual experiences. The name Providence speaks to Jeff’s deep passion for both the outdoors and his faith. It’s this same passion which propels Providence Marketing Group to success.

Jeff Bergmann

Jeff Bergmann founded Providence Marketing Group in 2006 after over 12 years working in the outdoor industry. Jeff has served as Vice President of Marketing for Gander Mountain and as a Senior Partner with the Minneapolis marketing firm Wingnut.

Under Jeff’s guidance, Providence is more than just an advertising agency, promotions house, or research firm. Providence offers proven marketing solutions, working on your behalf to efficiently and effectively drive your business. Providence brings years of experience in product development, marketing, merchandising, retail management, financial analysis and, most importantly, the great outdoors, all to help propel your brand.

Glenn Walker

Glenn Walker has been with Providence Marketing Group since July 2009 and in that time has stepped right in and been able to work side by side with Jeff. A strong background in marketing and customer service, coupled with Glenn’s 8 years of experience in the fishing industry helped him become an integral part of Providence Marketing Group.

His attention to detail, organization skills and ability to stay on top a multitude of projects has allowed Jeff and Providence Marketing Group to grow. Bringing Providence Marketing Group up to speed on the social media and online world of marketing now allows clients to increase their presence and exposure via the World Wide Web.

The passion and drive that Glenn has for his fishing, translates directly over to his work and making sure that every detail and item is handled in a timely manner.

Luke Hartle

Luke Hartle joined Providence Marketing Group after nearly a decade of working for media outlets in the hunting industry. Luke worked on the editorial staff of Deer and Deer Hunting magazine before joining the editorial team of North American Hunter, where he produced North American Hunter magazine, ran the NAH website and hunted the world while hosting North American Hunter-TV.

Luke’s understanding and experience of creating and distributing content in today’s digital world is a huge asset for all of Providence Marketing Group’s clients. His ability to craft a specific message and his understanding of how to get that message in front of the right consumers is a vital asset to this diverse marketing team.

The knowledge and passion Luke has for hunting and content creation stems from his youth, and it keeps Providence Marketing Group and its clients racing forward.

Jack Gavin

Jack Gavin joined the Providence team in the fall of 2013 after graduating from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN where he received a degree in Marketing Management and Business Administration. Jack has been an avid outdoorsmen all his life. His experience in the hunting and fishing industry has gelled extremely well with his marketing background, creating an excellent fit for Providence Marketing Group.

Jack has the ability to tackle a wide variety of projects under Jeff and Glenn but his focus has landed on Social Media, Public Relations and Media Auditing. Jack’s hard-working attitude, people skills and general love for the outdoor industry has allowed for a seamless collaboration with Providence Marketing Group.

Zach Rinn

Zach Rinn joined the Providence Marketing team in May of 2015 after working as a graphic designer for a hunting apparel company. With that Zach brings experience in marketing and a wide variety of graphics including print, point of sale, web banners, catalogs, and more. He also has skills in videography and social media. Prior to that Zach graduated from Winona State University with a degree in Graphic Design.

Zach is an avid outdoorsman and his passion for the outdoors allows him to bring industry and consumer knowledge. Zach is a hard worker, detailed, and cares about his client getting the results they want.